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Rahul Gladwin Massey

Founder | Culinary Mentor


Culinarté exists for the sole reason to Help. 

We seek to help Food Businesses find their Win-Win spot.

Culinarté - Culinary Consulting Group is an initiative to address the needs of our ever growing and quality demanding food industry. We at Culinarté are a strong team of formally trained and experienced Chefs and Food & beverage professionals with a dedicated commitment to excel in their fields by providing quality assistance to your business.

Our Focus areas are Kitchen Set-up & designing, Menu Re-structuring, Cost Optimization, Recruitment, Training & development of Food & Beverage personnel, Enhancing Food & Beverage profitability by provision of better procurement channels, New project conceptualisation and Food festivals. Our utmost dedication is promised to attain profitability and success to your business.

We connect with people from all regions in order to find the most valuable opportunities, deal with critical challenges and ultimately transform your entire business. We believe for today's startups the key to growth, is to build their own core competencies, while being able to rest assured that their back end and support activities are being handled by trusted hands.

We hope to engage our clients as partners in their endeavors. Giving them the support they need so they can focus more on their own passions that drive the company. We look forward to a mutually endearing and enduring relationship.

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