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Pizza By Culinarte


We at Pizza by Culinarte, provide training to perfect the skill of making Pizzas.

From the delicate finesse of Neapolitan pizzas to the hearty goodness of New York-style, our training covers an array of pizza styles, allowing you to diversify your menu and captivate your customers’ taste buds.

Recognizing the unique needs of our clients, we offer personalized training programs that cater to various skill levels, culinary preferences, and business models. Whether you’re a hotel, a restaurant, or an individual enthusiast, we have a program tailored just for you.

3-Day Onsite
Pizza Training

✓ Pizza Theoretical
✓ Starter or Direct Method
✓ Understanding Ingredients
✓ Making Pizzas – As chosen
✓ Three days of practice
✓ Written Recipes provided
✓ Napoletana Pizzas, Pala Pizza
✓ New York Style, Deep Dish


✓ All points as per 3-day training
✓ Innovation and R&D
✓ Support with Tools & Equipment
✓ Month on Month Audits
✓ Multiple outlets coverage
✓ Consistent output always
✓ Napoletana Pizzas, Pala Pizza
✓ New York Style, Deep Dish
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